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3 Steps to Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to proper air conditioning maintenance, you need to not only check it while it is running but also before you use it. Running a regular pre-season checkup can ensure the AC unit is running properly before you start using it. Everyone wants to use an air conditioner for the summer because the summer heat can be unbearable to most. This is why you need proper air conditioning maintenance. 

Check the Outdoor Units

You can do this yourself but it might be best to hire a maintenance man to come over and check it out for you. They know what they are doing and get paid well to do a good job. What they will do is make sure the whole unit has enough refrigerant in it to work properly all season long. They will also clean debris out from the cabinet and clean the drain openings. They will also make sure the coil is clean and if not, they will clean it. Not only this but the fan blades and the motor will need to be checked to ensure they are working properly. Make sure he checks the control box as well as any wires that run to it to ensure they are wired correctly. Doing all of this before something goes wrong will prevent a headache from happening with it down the road during the middle of a heat wave.

Check the Indoor Units

Checking the indoor units is also a good idea if you have any. Make sure the motor is working properly as well as oiling it if you need to. You will also need to check the combustion blower for dirt and debris and clean it if necessary. Another good thing to do is to check the furnace for any gas leaks to ensure a proper running AC unit. Also, making sure the flue system is not corroded. Doing all of this is a good idea to ensure it stays running properly.

Check the System While it is Operating

Turn on the AC system and listen for the noise it makes when started. You will also want to check for any unusual odor while it is running. While it is on, measure the temperature and make sure the airflow is adjusted properly.

How AC Technology Has Changed 

Many years ago, people just had a small window unit they would put in their living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Now most people have central air conditioning units that keep the whole house cool during the summer. When the regular window unit was used, it would just keep the one room cool. Because of this, most of the family would hang out in the one room where the air conditioner was to keep cool. However, with the new central AC systems, the whole house is kept cool during the whole summer as long as the system is kept running properly.

This is why doing this regular maintenance on them is a good idea. If not, you could end up having to go without an AC system while the maintenance man fixes things.

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