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3 Tips to Maintaining the Warmth Levels of Your Home

Keeping your house warm in the winter can be a challenge. Sometimes running a heating system is just not enough and sometimes we do not want to run the heating unit all of the time to save on electric bills. There are a few ways to help you maintain the heat in your home by doing a couple of things around the house. These little tricks will help you stay warm this winter and keep your house warm as well.

Seal Your Doors

Take the time to go around your home and check to make sure all of your doors are sealed properly. If they are not sealed properly, you can have drafts of cold air seeping through them and causing your house to cool down. If you do find that you are losing heat through the seals of your door, make sure to seal them as soon as you can. They can easily be sealed with some weather stripping.

Check Your Windows

If you are losing heat in your home and it just does not seem like your house is staying warm, then go around and check all of the windows. Sometimes we may accidentally not shut a window all of way and this could be what is causing the problem. If all of the windows are shut and latched, check for drafts coming in from your windows. It is not uncommon to have a draft come in from the seals around the window. After time the sealing wears down and you can then feel air coming through. If this happens, you will want to cover up the area where the air is coming through.

Close Off Rooms

If you are not using a room then do not leave the door open to it. When you leave a room door open, then air is circulating throughout that room and the rest of the house. By closing the door you are in a sense blocking the heat in the room. This tactic will keep the bedrooms warmer than the rest of the home.

It is frustrating when we are running our heater and for some reason the house seems to always stay cold. If there are no problems with your heater, then check for drafts coming in from open windows and doors that are not sealed properly. If you are not using a room then close it off to secure the heat to that room. These little things will help you keep your home warm this winter.

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