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Benefits of a Humidifier at Home

Benefits of a Humidifier at Home

In-room humidifiers are often a solution for people who suffer from allergies or asthma that dries out their nasal and sinus cavities. Another option may be a whole home humidifier, however. These additions to the home have a number of valuable benefits to your family’s physical or financial health. The benefits include preventing health problems, providing comfort, providing convenience, and lowering the cost of using a heating unit.

Prevents Health Problems

Having a humidifier to keep the air circulating can help prevent illnesses, especially related to the respiratory system. People who have asthma often suffer in dry air, and in the winter months, dry air in a house can lead to dry nasal passages, which makes people more susceptible to nose bleeds and to colds. By keeping the air in the home moist, you will be able to eliminate some wintertime illnesses. You can purchase allergen-friendly filters for many whole house humidifiers, making them even better for people who are prone to respiratory problems.

Provides Comfort

When air is too dry or still, it can be stifling to breathe it in and out. Having a home humidifier will help to ensure that the air in your home stays at a good moisture level. With most systems, the blowing of the unit can dry out the air, which can be more difficult to breathe in easily. While in-room humidifiers work well for providing comfort in a specific room of the house, one of the problems with these systems is that they create a difference in the humidity level from one room of the house to the next. That difference can become disconcerting over a long time.

Provides Convenience

Another major benefit of having a whole house humidifier is that you will be able to set the humidity level that you want and then not worry about how the humidity in the home is doing unless you have problems with breathing or allergies. Too much humidity can lead to growth of mildew or mold, and having a whole house humidifier will rectify this problem.

Lowers Energy Costs

While the whole house humidifier does not necessarily save money, though humid air does often feel hotter, using a whole house system rather than an in-room humidifier is cheaper. The room systems require distilled water to run, and they often go through a gallon or more per night, but the whole house system uses the home’s water, which is significantly cheaper.

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