Central Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

In the spring, it is highly recommended for all homeowners to engage in a simple troubleshooting procedure with their central air conditioner unit. This will help prepare the unit for the stress that comes with operating during the hotter months of the summer. Sometimes, you […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality With Carrier

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality. The products you use and have in your home contain chemicals and contaminants that can affect the overall health of your family. However, there are home appliances that […]

Maintaining Your Cooling System

There are a lot of things that you need to consider if you are moving into a new home. You will need to make sure that the plumbing system is working, that you have proper temperature control and that there is nothing you do not like in the house. You also need to take specific care of your HVAC system making sure that you have all of the necessary components. If there is anything in particular that you need, especially when it comes to AC, you can take a look at Dean Howard Air Conditioning.

Choosing the Right Service

When you are looking for an AC service, you must be looking for top quality. Most of the time people do not worry about the price. This is due to the fact that a quality service is going to provide you with something that will last a long time to come. This means that you can call up Howard Dean and schedule a service call today. Having an expert come over and look at your system in-depth will allow you to enjoy a better-functioning AC system during the summer time.

It is always important to have a yearly check regarding your AC. You should make sure that it is functioning for when the next hot season arises. It is also a good idea to check your system yourself. This can normally be done once a month. If there happens to be any dust on the system then make sure to clean it up as soon as you can. A good thing to do is make sure that the filter is replaced once a month. Getting a pack of filters will allow you to do this easily without having to return to the store constantly.

If you experience any problem that you are unable to fix, you can take a look around for an AC repair technician near Apple Valley CA. When doing this, make sure to find someone who has the right certificate. There are a lot of people out there who have been properly trained in this area and who will have the certificate to show it. When it comes to AC repair in Hesperia CA, you always need to know who you are dealing with.


Other Forms

If your air conditioning does experience a setback, having a back up system is always going to help you out. Even if this just involves having a ceiling fan of some description, it can make all the difference during the summer time. Having shaded blinds will also help you here. By making sure that you have some way of covering up your windows, you can prevent a lot of the heat coming into the house.

The summer time can be hot and therefore you need to be smart about cooling. Remember there is more than one way.

3 Easy Maintenance Tips for your Central AC Unit

Maintaining your home’s air conditioning system is vital to its function and lifespan. By taking good care of it, you will also ensure that you continue to get your money’s worth from it. There are 3 major things you can do to maintain your air conditioning system, which includes cleaning of the evaporator, changing the air filter, and replacing the thermostat battery. As a safety precaution, it is important to make sure the power to the condenser and evaporator is turned off before performing any work on the AC system. 

Cleaning the Evaporator

If the evaporator of your air conditioning system is accessible to you, it’s important that it is cleaned at least once every year. Many evaporators are concealed in a metal box. If this is the case, you should skip this step and have it done by a professional. However, if the evaporator is easily accessible to you, it is fairly easy to maintain the cleanliness of it yourself. After carefully removing the access plate, you will want to clean the underside of the evaporator with a stiff brush. Next, you will want to pour about a spoonful of bleach into the weep hole of the tray, located underneath the evaporator unit. This tray carries away condensation, making it susceptible to fungus growth. It is advisable to check the drain and pan often to ensure there is no moisture trapped in it.

Changing the Air Filters

Changing the air filter in your air conditioning system is crucial. Over time, the filter becomes clogged by particles such as dust and pollen. According to the US Department of Energy, clogged air filters can reduce the system’s energy efficiency between 5 and fifteen percent. Since it only takes minutes to replace an air filter, there is really no reason to ignore this task. After all, you are practically throwing away money when you do not replace the filter once every 1 to 2 months of it being in use. You simply need to locate your system’s filter and determine if it is disposable or reusable. If it is reusable, you should remove and thoroughly clean it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Obviously, if it is disposable, you should remove the used filter and dispose of it. Then, simply slide the new filter into the return duct where you removed the old one from. 

Replacing Thermostat Batteries

Lastly, one of the most simple yet effective ways to maintain your air conditioning system is checking and replacing the thermostat battery. One way to remember to do this is to check and replace it the same time you routinely check and replace your smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm batteries. This should be done twice per year. It is much less expensive to do this yourself than to pay a service call price for a professional to do this simple task for you!

No one likes to throw away money. By following these general guidelines, you can have peace of mind that your air conditioning system is functioning at an optimal level. If you have trouble remembering to complete these tasks, it is a good idea to set a reminder on your cell phone. Doing so is sure to keep your home cool and your wallet happy.

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3 Steps to Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

When it comes to proper air conditioning maintenance, you need to not only check it while it is running but also before you use it. Running a regular pre-season checkup can ensure the AC unit is running properly before you start using it. Everyone wants to use an air conditioner for the summer because the summer heat can be unbearable to most. This is why you need proper air conditioning maintenance. 

Check the Outdoor Units

You can do this yourself but it might be best to hire a maintenance man to come over and check it out for you. They know what they are doing and get paid well to do a good job. What they will do is make sure the whole unit has enough refrigerant in it to work properly all season long. They will also clean debris out from the cabinet and clean the drain openings. They will also make sure the coil is clean and if not, they will clean it. Not only this but the fan blades and the motor will need to be checked to ensure they are working properly. Make sure he checks the control box as well as any wires that run to it to ensure they are wired correctly. Doing all of this before something goes wrong will prevent a headache from happening with it down the road during the middle of a heat wave. 

Check the Indoor Units

Checking the indoor units is also a good idea if you have any. Make sure the motor is working properly as well as oiling it if you need to. You will also need to check the combustion blower for dirt and debris and clean it if necessary. Another good thing to do is to check the furnace for any gas leaks to ensure a proper running AC unit. Also, making sure the flue system is not corroded. Doing all of this is a good idea to ensure it stays running properly. 

Check the System While it is Operating

Turn on the AC system and listen for the noise it makes when started. You will also want to check for any unusual odor while it is running. While it is on, measure the temperature and make sure the airflow is adjusted properly. 

How AC Technology Has Changed 

Many years ago, people just had a small window unit they would put in their living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Now most people have central air conditioning units that keep the whole house cool during the summer. When the regular window unit was used, it would just keep the one room cool. Because of this, most of the family would hang out in the one room where the air conditioner was to keep cool. However, with the new central AC systems, the whole house is kept cool during the whole summer as long as the system is kept running properly. 

This is why doing this regular maintenance on them is a good idea. If not, you could end up having to go without an AC system while the maintenance man fixes things. 

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4 AC Filtration Tips for Your Home

Keeping up with your air conditioning system can be difficult, especially if you forget to take a look at it after a while. There are a lot of things that you can do, however, that will help to ensure your system continues to work to a high capacity. Most people are going to forget about their AC system until the summer time comes. If anything breaks down, however, they will end up having to call in a contractor. You may want to avoid this, and therefore it is a good idea to follow these tips to ensure that you get the very best level of quality performance when it comes to your AC system. All you need to do is follow these tips.

Clean the Filter

Your AC system is going to have a filter. The purpose of this filter is to ensure that it keeps all of the dust and debris out. Your AC system is going to get a lot more dust and debris the more that it is used. During the summer time, you will need to ensure that your filter is always clean. You can do this on a weekly basis by ensuring that you take a look at it. Regular filter cleaning is going to ensure that your filter will not get clogged up and end up causing problems for your system.

Change the Filter

While a lot of people are going to advise you to change your filter once a month, this is not always necessary. You can change it a couple of times a year if you want. Make sure to keep a close eye on it and when it starts to get too full, make sure to get a new one in. This will ensure that all of the air is circulating properly so that you system works as it should.


The components within your AC system are also going to gather some dust. You do not want this to happen. When you are cleaning the filter or even changing it, you will want to take a look at the smaller components and ensure that there is no dust on them. You can wipe them away with a dry cloth if you want. Before you do any of this, of course, make sure to turn off the entire system. You do not want to pose any danger to yourself or to your machine. 


A proper inspection at least once a year is always a good idea. Most people are going to call in a certified HVAC contractor for this. Luckily, you will be able to find a number of different contractors who can provide you with a high level of service. 

Inspections will ensure that your system keeps running throughout the summer time. In order to get the best level of circulation and filtration, you will want to make sure that you have inspected your system during the winter time or before the heat rises to ensure that you can remain cool.

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Common Standards to Look for in Any HVAC System

What are you going to look for in an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system? 

#1 Comfort level.

Remember, you are concerned with is a high level of air quality in your air conditioning system, whether it is central air or something else, and you are also looking for a high level of comfort.

 After all, what good is an air conditioning system if you can’t be cool or warm at any given time? And what good is it if you are constantly in need of AC service? 

#2 Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating.

Let’s say you have contacted an HVAC contractor to execute an air conditioning replacement. What are you seeking? One thing might be the AFUE, which is the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating. 

This is an average rating, and most reliable systems will be in the 90% range or higher. 

#3 Seasonal Energy Efficienc Ratio.

There is also the SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is calculated with a formula that relates to BTU’s (British thermal units) and watt hours. In layman’s terms, if you had a SEER unit with a rating of 18, it would be using half as much energy as one that had a rating of nine (9).

 Needless to say, you can save on air conditioning repair over the long run with a newer, more efficient system. 

All residential air conditioners that are sold in the United States must have a SEER rating of at least 13. Many of the older units are below that, so you may want to contact an air conditioning contractor to replace it. 

We are certified HVAC air conditioning service people. In addition to that, we are available for emergency service as well. Whether you are looking for a new, more efficient air conditioning system, or need to take advantage of our 24/7 service for AC repair, please don’t hesitate to be in contact.

Tips to Increase the Life of Heating Systems

Heating systems are created in such a way that they are able to last for many years. The expected lifespan of a heating system is around ten years; however, a unit can last for many more years if home owners take the time to maintain their heating systems. There are a few simple steps that can be taken to ensure that your unit lasts for a very long time!


It is very important for home owners to have their unit repaired as quickly as possible whenever a problem occurs. A repair should be handled right away so more problems cannot occur. If you have a repair need and have it fixed as soon as possible you will help extend the life of your unit. If you delay a repair need, you can cause more damage which can affect the life span of your heating unit.


Maintenance service is also important. Home owners need to be sure that their unit is maintained on a regular basis. A heating unit needs to be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis so you can have an efficient unit. Maintenance service is easy to schedule and takes only a short amount of time to complete.

Debris Free

Home owners who have a central unit will need to make sure that the heating unit on the outside of the home will need to be free of debris. Simply go outside on a regular basis and make sure that limbs, dirt and other debris are not on top or around your heating unit. Dirt and grime as well as leaves and sticks can adhere to your unit and cause it to work improperly which will lower the lifespan of your unit. Taking the time to clear such debris off will extend the life of your unit.

Air Filters

Another important is the air filtering system. Many heating units have air filters to take the dirt and particles from the air. It is very important to make sure that you change out these filters on a regular basis. Filters that have not been changed can cause major issues with your unit. This can also harm the lifespan of your heating systems.

Overall, it is very important to make sure that your heating system is taken care of. You want to be sure that your unit is maintained and working well, to have a heating unit that will work for many years to come!

Health Benefits Of Air Conditioners

Many people are still carried away by the old believes that air conditioners are just machine to only add comfort and maintain about good working environment, but I want to prove them wrong.  People who have air conditioners might conker with me, when I say that apart from adding comfort it has health benefits upon our lives. Air conditioners act on purifying the air we breathe in. people with dust allergies can state and be in great position to know the different kind of improve brought about by this air conditioners.

Places with air conditioners have hard clean environment in terms of air hence enabling people with respiratory live in without any health difficulties. Another good example is of people suffering with diabetes, they have seen a lot of improvement on they health as there are able to control the temperatures in their house and working places though the use of the air conditioners. So air conditioners have positive impact on health than we may think.

There are conditions in the environment need to be controlled. When this conditions are uncontrolled the can lead us in to some serious health ill conditions. The air that we breathe is mostly contaminated with fumes and odour.  Most of the fumes contain some toxic chemical that when inhaled can lead to some respiratory diseases. Air conditioners help in maintaining of our mood. High air temperatures and particles dust particles in the air can be a cause of stress, but air conditioner help us by purifying the air.

People think they can not control natures change,but the truth of the matter is that to some extend we can. The changes of temperature and humidity can be controlled by the air conditioners. High temperatures may cause people to have head ache and lead to dehydration of the body making people weak. Due to dehydration in the body, the body is force to use the stored energy in order to maintain the balance this may make one to feel tired and dizzy.

In order to escape this agony of discomfort air conditioners are able to control the temperatures and humidity for us hence getting the comfort we want. Due to changes in the global climate people need to find solution to control this change. To acquire the comfort their may want and be free from this air borne disease. The may opt to find a solution and the only solution to the problem is by installing air conditioners.

Importance Of Window Sealing For Room Air Conditioners

There have been instances where in spite of installing the best air conditioning system and keeping the system in perfect working condition, people have had poor cooling effects. The reason being poorly sealed windows have nullified whatever cooling the system has done, by allowing hot air sneak through from outside. This besides minimizing the cooling effect also puts extra pressure on the system resulting in excess energy consumption. In this article we briefly discuss why is properly sealing windows so important for optimum air conditioning effects.

Moisture actually plays the main spoilsport when it comes to cooling a particular room. By allowing molds & mildew to grow moisture can damage the carpets as well as the walls of a room, thereby weakening the very structure of the entire house in due course of time. Besides, it also nullifies the cooling effect of the air conditioning system to a large extent, putting extra pressure on the condenser increasing energy consumption and the electric bills. This also results in some added depreciation of the condenser minimizing its life to a great extent. Hence, overall costs shoot up and this includes the cost of maintenance of the air conditioning device, electric bill, and maintenance cost of your house. Therefore, sealing the windows properly comes in extremely handy from the economic point of view as well as keeping your air conditioning system healthy.

Apart from the economic factors, it is important to seal the windows properly for health benefits as well. One of the main tasks of the air conditioners besides pumping cool air is keeping the air free of pollutants and allergens. Molds & mildew that grow around a window that is not properly sealed pollutes the air and it is extremely unhygienic to breathe the spores of molds & mildews, especially for children and those who are prone to allergies.

Hence, it is important to seal the windows properly for the following reasons:

1. To optimize the cooling effect of the air conditioning machine and make it more energy efficient to lower down the energy cost

2. To free the air from moisture and make the air inside the house as dry as possible

3. The prevent the growth and accumulation of molds & mildew in carpets and wall which damage them to a large extent

4. Make the air as free of allergens as possible and safe for breathing especially for children, aged persons and those prone to allergies.