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Is the AC filtering system really important?

Everyone knows that an air conditioning system is a very important part of the home. The AC system must be in top running condition to be able to function properly for the summer season. Despite understanding the importance of an AC unit, many home owners do not understand the ins and outs of the unit. The only part that home owners do understand is the filtering system. However, this part of the system is one of the most neglected. It is imperative that home owners do not neglect this part of the unit and work hard to change the filtering system regularly and keep this part of the unit clean. Below is a simple guide to understanding the air filtration portion of the unit as well as how it should be taken care of.

How the filtering system works

The filtering system of the air conditioner is very important to the cooling process. The filtering system is what the dust,, dirt and particles become trapped in the unit can provide cool air. As the air is picked up through the unit, it is cleaned by the filter before being distributed throughout the home. If the filter becomes dirty and is not changed out, the unit will not be able to clear the air effectively. This can lead to health issues in the home as well as problems with your air conditioning system. The filtering system not only provides clean air for you to breathe but also a clean environment for the air conditioning unit to function.

Filter Changing

It is very important for the filter of the air conditioning system to be changed on a regular basis. This means changing the filter out at least once every month to three months. The dirty filter needs to be removed and then the new filter can be placed in to allow for adequate cleaning of the air. Simply make a calendar reminder so you know that your filter needs to be changed. This will help you remember as well as help your air conditioning unit to function properly.

Filter Cleaning

The filter area also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the unit is going to be able to filter the air effectively as well as continue to function as it should. The filter must be clean but also the register area. The register area is where the filter is placed inside the unit. This area can become clogged and dirty as well so home owners need to have this area clean. The grate can be removed and cleaned with a water hose and scrub brush and then dried to provide the unit with a clean surface.

Overall Maintenance

Overall, maintenance is very important. Home owners need to be able to take care of their filtering system each year. The unit needs to be cleaned and serviced and the air filtration system needs to be included in this process. Be sure to clean your air filter when needed so the unit can provide you with the cool air and freshness that you deserve!

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