Dean Howard Heat And Air System Installation And Maintenance

Dean Howard Heat and Air, Inc. specializes in heating and air conditioning. Our experience gives us the ability to handle any type of HVAC installation and when it comes to installation of a new heating and cooling system, pay attention to the seasonal rebates we have to offer.

We hire the best technicians experienced enough to maintain a high level of performance and install a new HVAc system in a professional and speedy manner. Not only will we be sure your new system is installed properly, we will continue to maintain it to be sure it is always running at its optimal level to ensure you save on energy costs.

To save money on the initial purchase and installation of new energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, we offer seasonal rebates. During those times when you might realize you are in need of a new system, typically spring and fall, rebates offered can really help minimize the costs.

We have a diversity of systems to choose from and with our expertise, we can help to decide a system that best fits the demands for your own home or business comfort. In addition, our products deliver high performance and uses less energy therefore saving power and money. This is because Dean Howard Heat and Air Inc. can install new HVAC systems to replace outdated HVAC systems.

Our products are certified by EPA and Energy star making them suitable for both commercial and residential properties. We guarantee that you will receive full value for your money for our efficient performance.
For any additional information on seasonal rebates or any questions you might have, call Dean Howard Heat and Air Inc. at (760) 559-8100 today.