Indoor Air Quality

The Indoor Air Quality Experts At Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc.

Indoors is where you spend most of your life during the day; where you put the kids to bed at night. So your indoor air quality is of utmost importance to the comfort, safety, and health of your family or your office co-workers.

At Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc., we share your concern and so offer a complete range of innovative Carrier products, including humidifiers, ventilators, air purifiers, and UV lamps to improve the indoor air quality of your home or office. We are the indoor air quality experts in the Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville, CA, area.

Indoor air quality is about more than just keeping the room temperature comfortable. The federal occupational safety regulators at OSHA have linked air quality to irritation of the nose, eyes, lungs, and throat as well as to trouble concentrating, headaches, and fatigue. Poor air quality also can worsen diseases such as asthma.

Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc., has earned a reputation in the region for the experience, knowledge, and economical answers it can bring to solve your indoor air quality problems. Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction, so we concentrate on solutions that will improve your indoor air quality and comfort while still lowering your power bill.

Whether you have a room that is “too hot” or “too cold” or need the air quality enhancements provided by such innovative Carrier products as air purifiers, our expert technicians are at your service. Many of our growing number of loyal clients have found the help they need from the installation of UV lamps, which help get rid of bacteria and germs. Other state-of-the-art products we provide include:

Humidifiers, which help control the moisture levels in your home or office. We have two styles: bypass humidifiers that work with your furnace to provide moisture throughout the house, and fan-powered independent humidifiers that will pump moisture into your ducts.
Ventilators, which include the Carrier Energy Recovery model that brings in fresh outdoor air during the cooler seasons and the Heat Recovery type that will remove pollutants and stale air in hot weather.
Air filtration systems, which amazingly will remove animal dander, pollen, bacteria, and other pollutants that are 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin.


At Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc., you can depend on the friendly and knowledgeable technicians who will thoroughly examine your needs and come up with the most cost effective solutions to fit your bill. We are completely insured and are expert in providing HVAC system installation services and repairs.

Our technicians also understand the importance of air quality and the principles of air filtration. We have an intimate knowledge of the Carrier products that can solve your air quality issues as well as the technologies now available and the industry standards for ventilation and filtration.

Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc., has been family owned and operated in the Hesperia area for nearly 20 years, so, as neighbors, we take your indoor air quality personally and will provide you with a thorough inspection and check-up to see how we can best help. When you want expert help in improving your indoor air quality and lowering your heating and cooling bills, contact the professionals at Dean Howard Heat & Air, Inc., today at (760) 559-8100.